Mobile Application Development

Mobility through hand held smart devices including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile/CE. Bringing enterprise applications to mobile for easy data collection in the field with emphasis on user experience

Mobile has become business as usual and within the core strategy of every successful organization. The work force behavior is changing and work is being done remotely using some sort of mobile device(s). Repetitive jobs behind the desk are disappearing and every worker has more than one mobile device to work with. It is projected that number of mobile devices per worker will grow from 3 in 2016 to an average of 5 in 2020. Wearable mobile devices are going to be introduced into the work force incrementally as well. Bursys has extensive experience in delivering meaningful mobile applications automating workflows, augmenting reality with digital data and presenting information on multiple mobile device platforms.

Mobile Device Management and
Application Security

We are working with fortune 500 companies to evaluate and architect the strategy for managing disparate mobile devices within an organization and manage the data / mobile application delivery to workers in a secure environment. Working with technologies such as Mobile Iron, Airwatch and iTunes.

We know mobile application tools

We understand wide range of options for delivering mobile applications fast to market. We work with X-platform technologies such as Microsoft Xamarin, open source Cordovo based Hybrid applications.

Latest mobile technologies

Wearable devices based on different platforms such as Android and Microsoft HoloLens are becoming increasing popular for field service automation and other applications. Bursys is constantly working with wearables, picking up data using mobile from IoT devices and so on.


We are delivering applications for field service, workflow automation in industrial facilities and b2b mobile apps. Every application requires a careful user experience design suited for the workers accordingly to their skill levels. We design user interface and user experience accordingly to the application with careful consideration.

compliance and
Safety (HSE)

Mobility will play a crucial role in safety and compliance moving forward. We are working with our customers on safety inspection applications, worker location tracking using BLE sensor, worker fatigue, worker fall over and many other applications.