Augmented Reality

In today’s digitally immersed world Bursys has been on the cutting edge of developing augmented solutions. By leveraging augmented reality (AR) within business processes and application it provides endless benefits for companies and industries. From simulating equipment maintenance procedures to improving safety around a facility, AR has endless applications.

Companies today are discovering ways in which to enrich their workforce’s capabilities on the field and within their facilities. Do you have a great use case for augmented reality? Bursys can assist you in determining the best AR platform and devices along with the customer development of your application.

Augment field
using 3D videos

We help our customers to integrate the engineering assets such as eManuals, 3D drawings and simulations for assembly/disassembly with field service applications. We can integrate various media assets such as advertisement videos into mobile device delivery through markers or natural image capture.

Augmented Reality
Tool Selection

Select Augmented Reality 3D Viewers, Augmented Reality Enabled Browsers or AR Mobile Applications.

Augmented Reality Device Selection

Determine and select appropriate AR device(s). Smart Phone Devices, PC Connected Devices, Head Mounted Displays/Lens. We have expertise in programming for Android based intelligent glasses or Microsoft based device such as HoloLens.

Augmented Reality
Best Practices.

We assist in determining AR solution by business needs. Integrated AR into existing solutions or software.