Software Development

Strategy and Architecture

Technology is changing exponentially and there is no stopping of digitization. Small to large fortune 500 companies are struggling to keep up with the evolution and decide what technologies are right for their business. Bursys in a unique position to assist businesses of all sizes to analyze their requirements and help with short and long term technology vision. More

Custom Software Development

Our teams research into the new technologies continuously and offer only stable options to our customers. We help our customers to design, develop and support software for enterprises or distributed software for their customers. We understand software product development. More

Internet of Things (IoT)

Bursys has been in the business of connecting machines to the network for over a decade and making them intelligent. The new keyword for this is Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is about standardizing the connectivity of billions of devices to network and producing data like never. Our technology experts have been at work for over a decade handling flood of machine data and providing business intelligence through analysis of big data ocean. We can assist you to select the protocols, messaging technologies, big data database technologies and provide cognitive and predictive analysis solutions. More

Augmented Reality

Improving operational efficiencyand augmenting experience for technicians/engineers in the field – bring equipment design drawings, real-time operations data and back office data together on mobile/wearable devices. More

Enterprise System Integration

Bursys has been involved in numerous projects over the span of 10 yrs. to analyze, design processes that span across multiple systems in an enterprise. It can be a permitting system in an Oil and Gas company integrating with external systems and internal SAP systems to payment systems (ADP)integrating with internal backend tracking systems, we have been there and delivered successful projects. More

Software Quality Assurance

We understand the important of software quality assurance that leads to a robust and a high quality software delivery. The software testing can be outsourced to us and we ensure that complete testing cycle is achieved on the software before the software release. We work closely with the teams and develop necessary test cases, document them using tools and run tests in our labs and document the results. These results are presented in a dashboard to stake holders for them to be able to make informative decisions on the software release. This enables our customers to focus on their core business domain and let us manage the software testing. More

Application Support

Post implementation support is often an afterthought on projects. We give our customers an option to use our SLA driven application support at different levels. We provide cost-effective local time zone based, SLA bound Level 1, 2, 3 hotline support. More