We deliver digitization for your business – FieldEquip, Dassault Systemes, SAP, bcf


A cloud based innovative software for field service management, asset / people tracking, rental equipment management and big data analytics solution. BursysTecX, one of the Bursys group companies offers wide range of field service and asset management software-as-a-service. This allows for organizations to leverage advanced technology at a much lower cost to retain their leadership in a highly competitive global market. We also offer specialized solutions for different industries as well.

FieldEquip FS
FieldEquip Industrial
FieldEquip Digital OFS / O&G
FieldEquip Digital HSE
Field Service Management (Work orders exchange), Asset tracking, field ticketing, invoicing.
Equipment data collection & analysis using IoT
Work order scheduling, dispatching, tracking, spare parts, invoicing and machine data collection & analysis using IoT
Work orders, mechanical inspections, site 360, dynamic forms and questions, fatigue worker tracking
Field service and equipment management. Machine monitoring and big data analysis using IoT


Dassault Systemes

The industry solutions for Mid-Market allow you to maximize your 3DEXPERIENCE business. It provides our customer with a fast and affordable access to the values of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Bursys has been the pioneer in energy, process and utilities industry business partner for Dassault Systemes. Data driven CAD, Engineering BOM, program management, design review and social structured collaboration are high value points for our value proposition.

  1. We address solution complexity and implementation costs.
  2. Focused product scope, defined methodology and pre-configured deployment.
  3. Earlier breakeven, higher profits.
  4. Eliminate errors, avoid deployment costs and delays.
  5. Time to market competitive advantage.
  6. Resolve issues earlier, improve quality and reduce deployment time.
  7. Bundled pricing & controlled implementation scope.

3D Experience platform that provides unique capabilities powering innovation for energy, process and utilities industry.


Industry solutions experiences for asset and product lifecycle that value adds innovation, engineering, build, operation, supply and dismantle in the digital age.

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SAP Products and Services

ERP Experts, one of the company in Bursys Group portfolio of companies is a certified SAP Silver service partner. We provide full range of SAP architecture and consulting services. Our team brings over 40 years of combined experience in implementation and integration of SAP solutions.

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Bursys Cloud Framework (bcf)

Bursys has always provided additional value to its customers by having its rapid frameworks such as BAAJA (Bursys Agile and Adaptable Java Architecture), BAANA (Bursys Agile and Adaptable .NET Architecture). These architectural frameworks have allowed some of our projects in the past to start rapidly without having to spend time on the technology selections, basic architectural elements and developing best practices for the development team. Bursys cloud framework (bcf) is the next generation framework that includes carefully selected technologies for the future cloud based platforms. It provides a complete set of technologies for UI (Angular), big database, reporting and analysis engine and so forth. It provides complete communication platform. On an average, use of our framework can save companies anywhere from $250,000 to $350,000 and time to market can be reduced by at least 6 months to a year. Please contact us for more information.