Bursys team has years of experience in Smart3D (SmartPlant 3D, SmartMarine 3D) using latest and previous versions for services in onshore and offshore projects. Bursys engineering services team has worked with Intergraph as employees, contractors to EPC’s and O/O’s and have been recognized by both Intergraph & by our clients.

Intergraph Smart3D Automation & Services:
  • Implementation of smart supports from various providers such as Lisega, Oglaend & Hilti.
  • Build custom commands increasing productivity.
  • Develop performance efficient rule checker for modular construction.
  • Develop large MTO reports without going out of memory.
  • Develop performance efficient ISO neutral file labels.
  • Monitor To-Do List for WBS Isometrics.
  • Creating utility to sequence bolted connection number which can be embedded on an ISO and monitored through construction cycle.
  • Piping, structural, electrical, supports modeling services.
  • Laser Scanning services utilizing Cloudworx.
Dassault Systemes Solidworks Automation & Services:
  • 3D modeling, advanced surface modeling, mold design, simulation, Solidworks API, drafting and sheet metal.
Siemens NX Automation & Services:
  • 3D modeling, advanced surface modeling, drafting.